Origami Links



  • OrigamiUSA
    Search for local origami groups online here; organizes huge annual convention in New York City, usually the 4th Saturday + Sunday weekend in June, publishes origami magazine "The Paper"
  • British Origami Society
    organizes local and national conventions in United Kingdom, publishes bi-monthly origami magazine

Shopping (books and paper)

  • Paper Tree (brick-and-mortar store)
    Operating since 1978 in Japantown (San Francisco) Paper Tree carries a wonderful inventory of origami books and paper, sumi-e (brush painting) supplies, and hundreds of Japanese papers for arts, crafts, and gift wrapping

  • Kim's Crane (online)
    Kim and Gordon Crane's online store since 1995, stocks Korean mini papers (2") and various origami paper
  • Origami Database (online)
    created by Dennis Walker, this is *the* source for searching origami models published online and in print

  • Hiromi Paper  (online)
    based in California, online store specializes in art and conservation paper from Japan

  • Paper Jade (online)
    carries Zander Elephant Hide paper (not the animal) for wet folding, complex and super complex folding

  • Gallery Origamihouse (online)
    based in Japan. The publisher, JOAS - Japan Origami Academic Society (Origami Tanteidan) specializes in Satoshi Kamiya, Seiji Nishikawa, Fumiaki Kawahata, Robert J. Lang and past Tanteidan convention books, complex and super complex models. English page how to order the books.

  • JOAS' English page how to subscribe to "Origami Tanteidan Magazine," 6 volumes published bi-monthly starting April this year to March following year. Scroll to bottom of Gilad's Origami Page for current English reviews of "Origami Tanteidan Magazine"