Hawaii's Holiday Origami Tree

posted Jan 19, 2010, 3:07 PM by Deb Pun   [ updated Mar 19, 2010, 2:29 PM ]

More than 50 origami artists worldwide, including many members of Origami USA volunteered many hours to fold several hundred origami sea creatures on the 2009 origami holiday tree titled "The Sea Around Us: Celebrating 50th Anniversary of the 50th Statehood." Deb Pun Discoe created the 30 piece Omega Star tree topper.

The holiday tree has been taken down from Japan Airline's counter at the Keahole-Kona International Airport. Please visit Aloha Origami flickr album to view 100+ photos of the tree.

Kyoko and Shigeo Kondo, Al Miyatake and Japan Airlines staff would like to thank all the generous people who contributed to the 2009 tree:

Aimee Miura, Alfred Kwan, Anne LaVin, Arlene Gorchov, Bill Reyes, Clara Onishi, Dan Cohen, Deb Pun Discoe, Delrosa Marshall, Doug Caine, Gay Merrill Gross, Jan Polish, Janet Yelle, Jean Baden-Gillette, John Blackman, June Sakamoto, Kathryn Wagner, Kathy Wallace, Kay Eng, Lily Tamanaha, Marc Kirchenbaum, Marcio Noguchi and members of the Origamigos de Brasilia, Maria Velazquez, Mariette Kok, Mark Kennedy, Michael LaFosse, Michael Wrenn, Mike Assis, Mineko Hatsune, Richard Alexander, Ros Joyce, Ruthanne Bessman, Seth Friedman, Shrikant Iyer, Sok Song, Steve Terr, Sue Neff and Origami Club of Pittsburgh, Toby Schwartz, Tony Cheng, Tricia Tait, Vicky Mihara Avery and Wendy Zeichner.