Teaching Tips

When teaching a large group of young children origami:

  1. Show a finished model so the kids can visualize the "goal" or the finished model

  2. Understand, verbalize and use the origami symbols and terms

  3. Select simple models to teach. It may sound simple to choose easy models, but it's not!
    A lot of th
    e easy models don't really quite have clear reference points.
    Look for "Making Origami [--------] Step by Step" by Michael G. LaFosse's. 
    The entire series is written for children http://www.origami-resource-center.com/kids-guide-to-origami.html

  4. Watch how Michael teaches origami on the videos on Activity TV

  5. Demonstrate with large sheet of paper (10" or larger)
    Some younger kids may not have the muscle coordination to align the paper edges.

    Buy large sheets of paper online Origami USA The Source.

  6. Teach a helper (can be student or adult) the model before you begin the class so the helper can assist half the class

  7. Practice the model until you are comfortable teaching it

  8. Use big black markers to show reference points on the model

  9. For an unusually complex step, ask the kids to have "hands in lap, eyes on me" mode demonstrate the funky move and then have the kids do it
Deb Pun,
Apr 16, 2010, 8:03 PM